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1 year ago

The measurements to reinforce rock engineering

The measurements to reinforce rock engineering

Rock mass,can not only being as loading object but also capable of bearing itself,the control of underground water will effect the success of foundation support,slope project,tunnel,mine,wharf and other engineering projects.

Soils can be used as engineering material to fill embankment especially the large square of embankment,filling of land as well as dike.The choose of soils and quality control are also very foundamental.

The prevention of geological disasters include collapse, landslides, mudslides, ground subsidence that had put a lot threat on the construction structure,prevention projects should be carried out according to specific rock conditions and evolution,in addition,earthquake effect of site and foundation should also be involved into rock engineerings.

The evaluation of geological and water geological conditions,waste sanitary landfill, earth and stone relics protection are all related to complicated environmental engineering problems.With the increasing concerns toward the living conditions,the sustainable environmental projects have been gradually taken seriously.

Besides,with the implement of self-drilling anchor,the stability and service life will be completely promoted.

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2 years ago

Self drill anchor is an advanced anchor system

Self drill anchor is an advanced anchor system

Self drill anchor is an advanced anchor system, it is more safer for operator. The plastic sealing element is used to seal the hole and prevent leakage of grout or resin, ensuring a complete filled hole.
Nowadays, as the acceleration of urban construction, the district range and population density become larger and larger, if we don’t enlarge the degree of the drainage construction, the old pipeline has not adapted with our society, so the drainage tunnel in Wuhan is necessary.
By the analysis of the disadvantages of Wuhan drainage, building a tunnel is quite suitable. While because the various pipelines are underground 8 meters and the subway is underground 8-40 meters, the digging of drainage should be underground 45 meters.
The self drilling anchor bolt can be used to put drilling, grouting and anchoring together, it is simple to install and operate, and it is safe, reliable and time saving.
To improve the entire capacity of production, the ancillary facilities are also used. Rock drill adapts to the conditions with hard rock of f=8-18. Anchor net prevents the collapse and injection pump are used with rock bolt system to ensure the effect of permanent anchoring.
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2 years ago

Metis self drilling rock anchor provides advantages for all areas of its applications

Metis is professional manufacturer with many years history in manufacturing self drilling rock anchor and accessories in China. The products are widely used in surface drilling
Self drilling rock anchor is a unique anchoring system and is today's answer to the increasing demands of the tunnelling industry and ground engineering for safer and faster production.
The system provides advantages for all areas of its applications, where boreholes would require the time consuming drilling with casing systems in unconsolidated or cohesive soil and is particulary suitable difficult ground conditions:
As you know,there are a lot of features of self drilling rock anchor is just as follows:
- A high rate of installation since drilling,placing and grouting can be performed in one single operation.
- Self drilling system eliminates the requirement for a cased borehole
 All our products are widely used in mining, tunneling, quarrying, construction, and civil engineering projects. And the products are exported massively to more than twenty countries such as Australia, Canada, USA, France, etc.

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2 years ago

Metis applies supplier grading system to ensure the quality of raw material

In the operation of installing self drilling anchor bar,there are some points that you should pay attention to.
1.The anchor plate is not verticle with bolt axis:There are two ways to solve this problem,the first is install
a wedge block  under nuts,the second is that do not put force before the mortar was solidfied.
2.When grout is leaked from the borehole,spray cenment grout into the foundation with the range of 5m to prevent the leak of grout in the construction.
3.When the mixture of grout occur:the mixed slurry hole and grouting hole should be grouted simultaneously,multiple anchors can be grouted with one grouting machine.
4.When the leak appear in the construction:adopt the way of low-pressure, thick paste, current limiting, intermittent injection grouting or use other filler to block a major thoroughfare and then take the first approach.
Measures to guarantee the qualification
1.Check the repaired parts strictly according to the construction criterion and the quality documents.
2.Check by your own and then submit to the authority,the next program can be operated when it's qualified.
3.Pulling resistance should satisfy the requirements.
4.The material,type,quality,specification,quantity and mechanical properties should be in accordance with requirements,the grouting pressure of hollow anchor bar should not be less than standard specification and the grouting should be full.